FairAccess The world’s fairest online queuing system Blockchain

Hi Everyone and Hello Blockchain, today we Livestream with The founders of FairAcess, at the Bitcoin and Blockchain Fair Melbourne, Australia Number one Blockchain event for over 3 years by Australian Business Forum.
FairAccess is about Giving Accessing things in high demand online is not fair. Prior to the internet, access was granted to those who showed commitment to the item in demand. This often meant lining up in a physical queue for an extended period of time. But time is spent differently online. Access is granted to the luckiest, at a single point in time, rather than a demonstration of commitment.
At FairAccess we have a patented queueing system that puts the control back in the hands on the user.
No more hoping that you are lucky enough to gain access to the latest ICO, through our gamified queuing process users now have full control.

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The world’s fairest online queuing system

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