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Since the consolation from the Ministry of Fine Arts and Culture and the Cambodian individuals firmly backing to the Khmer movies, most deserted films have been re-open. As of late, the Khmer movies is extremely prevalent for Cambodian individuals in city as well as regions. The Khmer films can be seen around the city at the principle road -, for example, Kirirom Cinema – Sihanouk blvd., Luxe Cinema – Norodom blvd…
Fey Som Ang (1989–present), Cambodian film chief; likewise connected with Thai film creations
Parn Puong Bopha (1989–present), Cambodian film chief
Kong Buncheun, writer; music author, maker, and chief since the 1950s
Tea Lum Kang, Chinese-Cambodian film chief of the 1970s; coordinated the Cambodian film Pos Keng Kang
Huy Kung, Chinese-Cambodian film chief of the 1970s and 80s
Brendan Moriarty (2003-present), American-Cambodian chief and maker
Rithy Panh (1988–present), French-prepared Cambodian maker
Ieu Pannakar, film chief since the 1950s and 60s
Channy Peakdey, film chief since 1989; coordinated the 1994 adaptation of Promatt Promong
Tim Pek (1975–present), Australian-Cambodia film chief and maker
Dy Saveth, film maker and on-screen character from the 1970s; additionally connected with Thai film preparations
Lord Norodom Sihanouk, previous ruler; coordinated more than 46 Khmer movies, 43 of which were delivered after his renouncement in 1955
Yvette Som (1990–present), maker of Angkorwat studio movies
Mao Somnang, Cambodian writer and screenwriter of the 1980s and 90s
Tat Somnang, Cambodian, vocalist, maker, and film executive of the 1970s khmer old song mp3 free download
Vann Vannak, film chief and performing artist from the 1970s
New song khmer of Khmer new year song 2016 of SD Vcd Vol 176

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