The Playlist | បទកូរ៉េទាំង ១២ អង្រួនពិភពលោកឲ្យស្គាល់ K-Pop ច្បាស់ដូចថ្ងៃ | Episode 14

*NONE of these Images, Music & Video clips were created/owned by us.
*Special THANK to credit owner:
12. «Rainism»-Rain From Channel MuzikTrack:
11. «Again And Again»-2PM From Channel 2PM:
10. «Nobody»-Wonder Girls From Channel wondergirls:
9. «Mirotic»-TVXQ From Channel SMTOWN:
8. «Ring Ding Dong»-SHINee From Channel SMTOWN:
7. «Sorry Sorry»-Super Junior From Channel SMTOWN:
6. «Gee»-Girls’ Generation From Channel SMTOWN:
5. «I Am The Best»-2NE1 From Channel 2NE1:
4.«Fanstastic Baby»-BIGBANG From Channel BIGBANG:
3. «Growl»-EXO From Channel SMTOWN:
2. «Blood Sweat & Tears»-BTS From Channel ibighit :
1. «Gangnam Style»-PSY From Channel officialpsy:

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